The way
GYN surgery
was meant to be.

LapBox is now FDA-cleared
for manual morcellation

Enabling safe, minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery for women’s health

The Problem


hysterectomies are performed every year in the USA alone


hysterectomy is the second most commonly performed surgical procedure in women


of hysterectomies are
performed by open
surgery with a large
abdominal incision

1 in 350

women undergoing hysterectomy has an undiagnosed cancer, possibly worsened by uncontained morcellation

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The Solution

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The LapBox Tissue Containment Removal System

With high-risk open abdominal surgery today still the norm for hysterectomy and myomectomy, the LapBox enables gynecologists to provide a safe and minimally invasive alternative.

Answering the FDA call, the LapBox containment removal system creates a secure, enclosed environment to easily and quickly remove large tissue during laparoscopic surgery supporting manual and power morcellation.

By being suitable for myomectomies (the removal of uterine fibroids) and hysterectomies (the removal of the whole uterus), the LapBox empowers women again with choice.


Supporting myomectomy
or hysterectomy


Easy-to-use delivery


Bringing inpatient care
back to outpatient care

Let’s perform GYN surgery the way it was meant to be

“Women’s health is at the heart of Ark Surgical. We have worked tirelessly to bring back a voice for women and a choice when it comes to their bodies. The LapBox enables that voice to be heard by providing, a more painless and safe option for women’s health and wellbeing”

Stav Tori, CEO, Ark Surgical

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About Ark Surgical

Ark Surgical is committed to improving the standard of care for women’s health worldwide. Developed by medical device veterans and leading gynecologists, our first product, the LapBox, provides women the option of minimally invasive surgery and empowers surgeons to continue to perform this safely with the most innovative, secure and user-friendly tissue containment removal system.

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