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Ark Surgical is a privately-held Israeli medical device company that has developed a novel containment removal system, the LapBox. The LapBox enables the safe and simple removal of large tissue during laparoscopic surgery, providing a safe minimally invasive alternative to traditional, higher-risk open, abdominal surgeries in wide use today.

Our Story

The LapBox idea was conceived of by Dr. Avi Yarri, a Connecticut-based GYN surgeon. He saw the need for a simple and safe solution that would enable him and his colleagues to perform GYN surgeries with advanced tools, which would limit the need for open surgeries and drastically improve the lives of women.

Our Solution

We created the LapBox in response to the U.S. FDA’s request for the development of a containment system to reduce the risk of cancerous tissue dispersion during laparoscopic morcellation surgeries. This is where benign and in rare cases, cancerous tissue is fragmented and can spread inside the surgical cavity.

Our patented smart design offers the only secure, double-barrier-walled tissue containment system to prevent the risk of tissue dispersion during morcellation. Combined with our easy-to-use delivery technology for better control and manoeuvrability, Ark Surgical tools empower gynecologists to optimize laparoscopic surgery.

With the LapBox, GYN surgery can now be performed the way it was meant to be!

A minimally invasive surgical technique is what our patients deserve and what they have come to expect from their gynecologic surgeon. The LapBox Tissue Containment System provides the confidence we need to perform the safest and most efficient tissue removal possible. We must continue to strive for the least invasive surgical approach while keeping our patients safe.

Amy Garcia, MD, GYN Surgeon,
University of NM Health Sciences Center

Our Success

Today, we are proud to announce that Ark Surgical’s LapBox is FDA-cleared for manual morcellation in the USA.  

Founded by and based on the expertise of surgeons and medical device experts with extensive clinical experience, we are focused on creating advanced surgical devices for women around the world.

Ark Surgical currently operates as a portfolio company of the NGT³ (Next Generation Technology) venture capital fund located in Nazareth, Israel.

Let’s make GYN surgery
how it was meant to be