Introducing the LapBox Containment Removal System

Making laparoscopic surgery

Safe, Smart, Simple & Practical

The LapBox
Containment Removal System

LapBox Device

The LapBox is a contained removal system that creates a secure, enclosed environment to easily and quickly remove large tissue during laparoscopic surgery. The Lapbox empowers gynecologists to safely provide a minimally invasive alternative to higher-risk open, abdominal surgery using contained manual or power morcellation. The LapBox is suitable for use in myomectomies, hysterectomies, cystectomies and salpingo-oophorectomies.


Superior alternative
to high-risk open,
abdominal surgery


Double-walled protection
prevents risk of tissue
dispersion during surgery


Easy-to-use delivery
technology optimizes
laparoscopic surgery


Brings high-cost
inpatient care back to a
lower-cost outpatient
care setting

The LapBox
supports both Power and Manual Morcellation

LapBox Power Morcellation
Manual lapbox
LapBox Manual Morcellation

Empowering women
to confidently return to day-to-day life quickly

Benefits of minimally invasive surgery versus open-abdominal surgery

Less pain    Shorter recovery time    Reduced hospitalization
Lower risk of complications    Cosmetically superior results

Let’s make GYN surgery
how it was meant to be

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