Containment Removal System

Now you can confidently perform laparoscopic power morcellation
LapBox Power

How the LapBox works
with power morcellation

Features of using the LapBox

  • Known tissue delivery-retrieval system enabling a short learning curve
  • Easy-to-use system for better control and maneuverability
  • Operates in inflated abdomen to ensure healthy organs are kept far from the power morcellation chamber
  • Double-barrier-walled tissue containment system prevents the escape of cells during power morcellation
  • Allows good visualization with insertion of 5mm laparoscope for uninterrupted view of the contents inside
  • Compatible with any electromechanical power morcellator
  • Constant volume and constant air pressure between the double wall keep the chamber sturdy
  • Different sizes of ports are provided with the LapBox for power morcellation, allowing the surgeon to choose the optimal incision

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